My Hands Wander

*Has sex with Ted up, down, left, right, and diagonally*

*Packs for his trip*


*Stays confused thinking about it* ummmm ...

Yes Theodore. Yes.

8) Quickly before I go on my trip.

-she nodded and walked to go get him a glass and returned within a few minutes with a glass for him and a cup of some sort for herself that contained wat to like like a sunrise in a glass- "Hereyou are"- she smiled and handed it to him then sat down on the near by couch -" make yourself at home ."

Thanks. *he drank the glass trusting her enough not to drug him. He chatted with her for a few minutes before he set his glass down and stood up*

Sorry, but I have to be going. I have a business trip I need to get ready for. Come back in about two weeks and we can talk more. Thank you for the drink. *leaves off to find the exit and return to his home*

*Pauses and glances up at him. * Do you wish to?

Does a slut moan for more?~

-his outburst startled her a bit and she stepped back and blinked but then shrugged it off- " yep i have both would you like a glass of each or is there one you prefer"? " and um i guess when I get back we can talk more not that you can speak."

Scotch. Neat.

*His hands moved pervs hands just a little lower to his rear. Looked at perv with a smile and kept kissing him*

Mmm are we gonna start early baby? *grins and squeezes handfuls of his ass*

*Pushes him closer to the table and kisses him*

*butt bumps the back of the table, he grins into the kiss and presses his lips to Spy’s harder. His hands go to grip the soft feminine hips he loved on Ted’s body*

*chuckles* I love you so much ~ *snuggles*

Me too. *ruffles his hair* I’m really glad you can see.

*Smiles wide* : D YAY!

*smiles and kisses his cheek* I’m glad it’s back. I don’t know how I would have handled not being able to tell you how much I love you every day.