My Hands Wander
[TxT]: )(ey t)(ere.

Txt: Hey. What’s with the weird Hs?


*She gave the doctor a smile but corrected him* Ms. Wiggins and Mr. Onceler. We aren't married.

-Grunts, finally sitting up straight.- Mr. Elliot. -he corrected once more- And not yet.

"Right, sorry about that," he scribbled down the corrections. "Good morning, first of all. How did you sleep?"

Eh. -would complain about not getting a better room due to his higher status but let it slide this once- Fine. -looked at Ted finally-

*Nice the morning came with its bright light, Ted once more woke up to find a sleepy pervy. She just stared at him deep in thought*

A knock at the door woke William up, a doctor going inside to check on them soon after. “Hello. Mr. And Mrs. Wiggins?”

-Slowly sat up groaning and digging his palm into his eye and rubbing-

*She fell back to sleep while he went out, she honestly felt better there than she did at Williams house. It felt safer than being with smiley as well. *

-Came back in. He saw that she was asleep and since his news wasn’t important he just sat in the chair and fell asleep next to her. They would discuss it in the morning.-

*She gave him a nod, yet still yawned once more wanting to sleep more.* I'll just ... wai ... t .. he ... re .. zz

Okay. Sleep.

-walked out-

*she slightly smiled at his apology* I'm sorry too ... I can't live with these fights anymore Will, I found out how dangerous it can be for our child, please understand if I move out.

… *folds arms over his chest*

… How are you feeling? I’m glad Shy brought you somewhere you were safe. I’m going to go ask about the baby’s sex determination since you’re already here.

*Ted groaned* No I. .. want pie ... *She mumbled before fluttering her eyes open to see Will, She yawned*

*light chuckle* Hey baby.

Ted, before you freak out please, I’m so sorry. *Didn’t specify why or for what he was sorry, because he still stood by his notion of getting rid of the child*

Heh, I feel like I never change. *She gave him a gentle squeeze* But I do enjoy you standing hugs

Trust me, no change is good. In some cases I guess. Sometimes I don’t like how much I’ve changed.

*She blushes slightly and nods. Snuggling closer to Perv she smiles a little* I met someone.

*A bit uncomfortable but he doesn’t reject her, instead hugging her a bit closer as well* Oh? Do tell who’s dick you think is better than your master’s~