My Hands Wander
Perv? PERVY? No no no no wake up please. Please talk to me. *Rebekah gently tales his face into her hands and cries* Don't leave me. I need you..... I love you. *She places her forehead against his and cries more* Please wake up.

*His chest rises again, just barely* … *wheezes for air* … *exhales*

*Though she didn't want to leave his side rebekah nods and stands. Quickly dressing once again she brings Perv his papers* What is all this? *She sniffs and looks away as a few more tears slip down her face*

Don’t worry about i-it. *he tries to smile but it’s just a ghastly look on a ghost-white face* Go get your… self some.. f-f..

*Gasping rebekah kneels down and helps him up* Come in let's get you to bed. *Slowly she helps being Perv to his room.* Please let me help you. You can't die. Don't leave me like everyone else has. *She sits on the edge of the bed and sobs*

*He thanks her with his voice a little raspy, his chest rose and fell so slowly, barely brining any air into his lungs.*

It’s okay, R-Red… It’s okay. B-bring me the p-papers in the bottom drawer. U-under the “W” tab. *coughs*

*Pulling him away from the desk rebekah sits on the desk still fully naked.* I'm not going to let you die. *She sits back and starts touching herself* Dont you won't me? I need you Perv~ Please fuck me. *She begs hoping he would give in* Please.

Red… I like you but.. *coughs, he loses his balance and falls on the floor, groaning in pain*

please don't die on us!!! Please, forget Ted, just go get a handjob or something! Please buddy, you shouldn't have to die for that little shit! Please man!!!

You don’t understand… I love Ted.

I’d d… ie f-for hi- *gasps for air but it only starts a coughing fit that leaves him too weak to speak*

*Frowning Rebekah steps back and crosses her arms* well then fuck Ted! You're fucking dying! And if he won't help you I will! *Tears slip down her cheeks as she begins to pull off her clothes. Soon she stood naked in front of Perv* Let me help you.


*His will to survive made him want to let her do what she wanted and help him out.

But his love for Ted snapped him out of it.*

N-no. I have to… I have to p-prove…

Prove… *wheezes for a breath*

*She nodded* Alright then. Take care of yourself, alright? *She gave him a small hug before she walked out of the door* See ya later Perv.

Bye. *returned the hug, maybe he even lingered a little because he ended the support, it was getting hard to stand by himself. As soon as she left he faltered and crawled into bed*

No no. Stop stay put. How can I help you? *As she looked him over tears filled her eyes. He looked awful.* Do you need energy? Take mine. How do we do this? Should I cuddle you or something? Perv please let me help you.

No no. I can’t. Ted will leave me. Just help me *coughs, his body racked by it* t-to me be..d.

*he started to get up out of his chair*

You okay boss? *she places her hand against his cheek* you don't look so good. *frowning rebekah pushes the hair from his face and bites her lip.*

*He looked pale. With his hair pushed back like that he would have otherwise looked hot. But he looked weak, deteriorated. He had some awful dark circles under his eyes and he looked like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. It was actually quite ghastly.* M’fine. *loud, wheezing cough* I just… I just need to get to my bed…

*It was surprising how he could have fallen asleep and woken up looking like years, not a few minutes, had just passed*

Why the HELL did you get engaged and impregnate someone who has NEVER looked out for your needs!? Ted is immature and selfish as fuck, He hasn't even compromised a little bit for you since the two of you started dating. And now he's acting like you're a cheating bastard when you're just trying to stay alive. You're screwed if you wanna spend the rest of your life with that self absorbed brat

I know. I know, don’t you th- *coughs* think I know? Just leave me alone. I don’t have the energy for this…